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Rain Water Storage

Site Recommendations

For all rain water tank installations we recommend:

A flat level compacted base of concrete, or deco (decomposed granite) and crusher dust, with no objects i.e rocks, etc protruding through.

We recommend you cover your deco and crusher dust base with black builders plastic to prevent the tank being undermined in the event of torrential rain. You can purchase the black builders plastic at your local hardware store.

Alternatively you may use a properly constructed stand capable of carrying the weight of the rain water tank when full. Allow for a weight carrying ratio of 1kg per every litre as a guide.

Your firm stable platform must be of dimensions 100mm larger than the tanks' dimensions.

These recommendations for installation apply to all of our tanks regardless of the material used for construction.

If you have a difficult site or are unsure of what is required call us and we will be happy to advise you.

Please note: overflows must be connected and discharged away from the base of the water tank to prevent undermining.

Follow this link to an independent site run by the ATA to help you calculate a tank size for your site:The ATA Tankulator