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03 Slimline Aquaplate 500 Gal - 2300 Ltr
Garden Beds - Round .900 diameter
03 NTM Poly 660 Gal - 3000 Ltr
12 Traditional Round Aquaplate 1500 Gal - 6660 Ltr
Pressure System
Garden Beds - Oval 2.8L   x  1.15W x  .610 H
01 Slimline Aquaplate 120 Gal - 550 Ltr
06 NTMS T660 Gal - 3000 Ltr
01 NTM Poly 160 Gal - 750 Ltr
10 Traditional Round Aquaplate 1100 Gal - 5050 Ltr
Orange Pump CP400-PM15
Garden Beds - Oval 2.0 L  x .800W  x .610H
Orange Pump SJ100-PM
23 Traditional Round Aquaplate Special Order
08 Traditional Round Aquaplate 1000 Gal - 4500 Ltr Up
03 NTMS 660 Gal - 3000 Ltr

Our latest products!

We offer an extensive range of rainwater tanks built by us to suit every situation, from rural to high density urban living, made both from plastic and steel. Our tank selection is for new installations and retro-fit which is the replacement of existing tanks that have deteriorated to the extent they are unusable. Refer to our product range. (These include slimline, traditional round, for applications both domestic, rural,commercial.)

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